Our Clients

We work with some of the biggest companies in the UK.

Specialist Cutting Services are one of the UK’s leading Concrete Bursting Contractors and provide Concrete Bursting services to clients throughout the nation.

Concrete Bursting is a process that helps minimise breaking to reinforced concrete. It is also used to split concrete or rock formations into smaller pieces so they are more manageable and creates less noise pollution and vibration. At Specialist Cutting Services, our Concrete Bursting service is more of a quieter form of demolition and can be used to remove both large and small sections of concrete and is ideal for confined environments.

We have a variety of busters that are available in both 47mm and 107mm diameters and come in a range of lengths too. The process of Concrete Bursting means that holes are drilled into the robust concrete structures and then the buster is inserted into the pre-drilled holes. After this a hydraulic ram is then applied and moves the wedg