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At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd we offer an excellent Track Sawing service throughout the UK.

Latest Equipment Used

We use the latest technology for all our Track Sawing services. This ensures minimum disruption and quiet working on all projects.

Highest Standards of Work

At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd, we are a well respected company and come highly recommended when it comes to our Track Sawing services.

Specialist Cutting Services provide their clients in Berkshire, Surrey, London and the Home Counties with reliable Track Sawing services.

Track Sawing is known to be one of the fasted and most accurate methods of forming separation cuts in to both vertical walls and floor structures. Furthermore, the saws themselves are dependent on the depth of the wall or floor. At Specialist Cutting Services, our Track Sawing services are usually used to saw concrete walls and floors for a range of applications such as windows, openings for ventilation ducts, doorways and reducing the height of existing walls. This service can also be applied to cutting floors to create access to stairwells, corridors and to fix staircases by using special mountings in circumstances where the width of the staircase needs to be reduced. Due to special mountings, it’s now possible to cut on angles of up to 45 degrees, which is also an approved method of saving money on demolitions services and construction costs. We have provided many of our domestic and commercial clients in Berkshire, Surrey, London and the Home Counties with this service and have over 20 years of experience in Track Sawing.

How is Track Sawing applied?

Track Sawing is very useful especially when it comes to demolishing certain areas and not an entire wall or floor structure. This service consists of a hydraulic or a 3-phase electric saw where the head is mounted on the track system, which is then anchored to the surface that’s being cut. The head then navigates along the track, which is either powered by an electric unit or by a hydraulic unit. During the process of Track Sawing the saw is then plunged into the concrete in a series of passes until the required depth of up to 750mm, has been achieved.

Specialist Cutting Services use 3-phase high frequency Track Sawing.

This type of Track Sawing service is an electronically controlled unit which is much lighter than other saws used. Due to it being lightweight, it means that it can be easily carried and used by 1 person, allowing it to be more portable for specific jobs such as plant rooms and roof areas, as no mechanical lifting equipment is required.

Contact Specialist Cutting Services Ltd for our Track Sawing services in Berkshire, Surrey, London and the Home Counties.

At Specialist Cutting Services we offer a variety of services and work on all types of projects no matter how big or small they are, so if you require any more information on Track Sawing, please do not hesitate to call us today on  0118 979 4333. Our experienced team will help answer any questions you might have.


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Jerry Hayes, Costain Limited

“They have managed to maintain a high degree of professionalism and good reaction time to important last minute tasks. I have now used SCS on many projects in the past and will continue to work with them in the future.”

James Worth, Carillion M1 Project

“The workforce are professional on site and their work is always to a very high standard. Productivity is very good and above the levels I have experienced with other sub-contractors in the region. I would recommend them to any other client or major contractor for future works.”

John Mckehon, PP Construction

“PP Construction Ltd have employed SCS to carry out cutting and drilling works for many years. The primary reason for the repeated business with SCS is the dediction the company places on the quality of their workmanship and the processes they have in place to ensure the works are completed as required.”