Concrete Bursting

Specialist Cutting Services Ltd provide excellent Concrete Bursting services to both domestic and commercial clients in and around Wokingham, Berkshire, Surrey and London. Concrete Bursting is a process that helps minimise breaking to reinforced concrete. It is also used to split concrete or rock formations into smaller pieces so they are more manageable and creates [...]

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Track Sawing

Specialist Cutting Services Ltd provide their clients in and around Berkshire, Surrey and London with amazing Track Sawing services Track Sawing is known to be one of the fasted and most accurate methods of forming separation cuts in to both vertical walls and floor structures. Furthermore the saws themselves are dependent on the depth of [...]

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Wire Sawing

Specialist Cutting Services Limited offers Wire Sawing for a wide range of Concrete and Metal Sawing Applications Specialist Cutting Services Ltd has been operating since 1997. Since then the company’s headquarters have been located in Wokingham, Berkshire, from where the company provides Wire Sawing services for concrete and metal sawing procedures targeted at large and [...]

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