Specialist Cutting Services Ltd provide excellent Concrete Crunching in London, Surrey & Berkshire

Specialist Cutting Services Ltd was established in 1997 and has been providing Concrete Crunching in London for many years now. As a company we have invested heavily in purchasing the latest plant and equipment which is at the forefront of the concrete cutting industry. Making this kind of investment has helped us keep in touch with our industry, as we now can take on any type of Concrete Crunching project in London, Surrey or Berkshire and can complete it quicker than ever. At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd we also understand the importance of having the right work force. Our employees take part in a training and development course, so they can firstly understand the importance of customer service and secondly, have a complete understanding of the machinery that is being used especially when it comes to Concrete Crunching. This is why we are the UK’s leading Concrete Crunching specialists.

How does our Concrete Crunching in London work?

At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd we provide hand Concrete Crunching in London. Although this may be a longer method of turning hard materials in to rubble, it is the most effective and is usually the quietest form of Concrete Crunching. The hand cruncher is connected to a pair of hydraulics and when positioned correctly, the operators will active the hydraulic ram to crush the concrete within the clamp. This technique of Concrete Crunching creates a non-percussive shearing action which demolishes the integrity of the concrete. As a result, it eventually breaks down and turns in to debris.

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For more information on our Concrete Crunching in London you call talk to one of our advisers on 0118 979 4333.  Alternatively you can Request a free call back or site survey via our website – www.scs-ltd.com.