Specialist Cutting Services Ltd provide excellent Concrete Crunching Services in and around Surrey, London, Berkshire and the Home Counties

Since 1997 Specialist Cutting Services Ltd has been provide both domestic and commercial clients with excellent Concrete Crunching Services in Surrey, London, Berkshire and the Home Counties. During this period as a company we took a lot of time and effort in to investing heavily in purchasing the latest plant and equipment, just so we could make sure that we were at the forefront of the concrete cutting industry. Furthermore, we want to ensure our customers that no job or project is too big or small when it comes to our Concrete Crunching Services in the UK. Along with having the right equipment it is also important to us that we have the right workforce as we want to make sure that we give our customers the best experience whilst we work with them on any project. That is why we pay special attention to our employees and we make sure that they take part in training and development courses. This is so that they can understand the importance of customer service and workmanship. Furthermore this programme is in place so that they can get fully equipped with any machinery being used for our Concrete Crunching Services.

How do our Concrete Crunching Services work in the UK?

Currently at Specialist Cutting Services Ltd we provide our customers with hand Concrete Crunching Services. As an industry leader we understand that this might in fact be a longer process of turning hard materials into rubble, however it is known to be the more effective, efficient and noise free way of our Concrete Crunching Services.  The hand cruncher is actually joined to a pair of hydraulics and when it is positioned correctly our operators then activate the hydraulic ram so it can pound the concrete within the clamp.

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For more information on our Concrete Crunching Services or for any other enquires you call speak with one of our advisers on 0118 979 4333.  Alternatively you can Request a free call back or site survey via our website – www.scs-ltd.com.