Specialist Cutting Services Ltd supply the best Diamond Drilling Solutions to customers in and around London, Surrey, Berkshire and the Home Counties

Are you looking for a company that can supply you with a range of Diamond Drilling Solutions? Well you don’t have to look any further as Specialist Cutting Services Ltd is here to help you find the correct solution. As a company we specialise in providing our customers in and around London, Surrey, Berkshire and the Home Counties with Diamond Drilling Solutions and are now known for this service around the UK. We love that fact that we can work on a national bases because it allows us to work on many different types of projects and companies. However, we have only been able to do this through providing a strong workforce and have having the right kind of equipment to hand. In order for us to supply the best Diamond Drilling Solution, we have to make sure that we continuously invest in machinery and even training, as our employees need to be up to date when it comes to learning how to use such equipment. We can proudly say that we have been operating for nearly 18 years now and have thousands of satisfied customers. Our clientele can range from small to large contractors, private home owners that actually own factories or plants and even direct clients as we do both domestic and commercial projects in and around London. So if you are interested in our Diamond Drilling Solutions, please call us today.

Why should you choose Specialist Cutting Services Ltd for their Diamond Drilling Solutions in and around London?

Ever since we started Specialist Cutting Services Ltd back in 1997, we have been offering our clients a personal and competitive service when it comes to the building and construction industry. We have 18 years of onsite experience and have the ability to manage highly technical machineries when we perform our Diamond Drilling Solutions. Our services can range from stitch drilling, floor sawing, wall sawing, diamond core drilling, floor and wall chasing, concrete repairs and even chemical fixings. Furthermore when we provide our Diamond Drilling Solutions to customers in and around London, we use the most effective and efficient methods when creating holes and openings of up to 10mm to 1m in diameter.

Contact Special Cutting Services Ltd for our Diamond Drilling Solutions in and around London

If you have any further enquiries about our Diamond Drilling Solutions that we perform in and around London, then please call us today on 0118 979 4333, and  you will be put through to our team of diamond drilling specialist. Alternatively you can visit us online at www.sct-ltd.com.