Specialist Cutting Services Ltd provide excellent Concrete Bursting in Wokingham, Surrey, London, Berkshire and the Home Counties.

Are you currently looking for a company who can provide Concrete Bursting in Wokingham, Surrey, London or Berkshire? If you are not to sure what concrete bursting is, it’s simply a process that helps minimise breaking to reinforced concrete. It is also used to split concrete or rock formations into smaller pieces so they are more manageable and creates less noise pollution and vibration. At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd our Concrete Bursting in Wokingham is more of a quieter form of demolition and can be used to remove both large and small sections of concrete and is ideal for confined environments. We have a variety of busters that are available in both 47mm and 107mm diameters and come in a range of lengths too. The process of bursting means that holes are drilled into the robust concrete structures and then the burster is inserted into the pre-drilled holes. After this a hydraulic ram is then applied and moves the wedge between the removable plates. This forces the concrete to inevitably split itself which then fractures into a systematically pre-drilled hole. During the process the hydraulics can create a force of up to 4000KN which makes it one of the most impressive tools to use against tough concrete. This is a repetitive process until the entire structure is broken in to manageable sections of concrete. We have in-depth knowledge of how to conduct this type of bursting as we have been carrying out this service for over 15 years.

What are the key benefits of Concrete Bursting in Wokingham?

At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd our Concrete Bursting in Wokingham is a quiet set up and is usually used in conjunction with diamond drilling. It is known to be one of the fasted methods of weakening reinforced concrete and is able to destroy large masses at great depths. For example, a 100mm head can achieve a bursting capability of 108 tonnes. This process of bursting is also hand held which makes it more portable and manageable; furthermore it is a very quiet procedure and creates no dust and can be used for both internal and external environments.

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