Concrete Bursting Services in Surrey

Specialist Cutting Services Ltd offer brilliant Concrete Bursting Services in Surrey, Wokingham, Berkshire and London.

At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd we conduct our Concrete Bursting Services in Surrey and it is used to help minimise breaking to reinforced concrete. Our Concrete Bursting Services in Surrey is also used to split concrete or rock formations into tiny pieces so they are easy to manage. Furthermore this process actually creates less noise pollution, vibration and is more productive when it comes to reinforced concrete. Also our Concrete Bursting Services can be very handy when it comes to removing both large and small sections of concrete, so it is perfect for restricted environments. Lucky enough for our customers in Surrey, we have a wide range of busters which are available in both 47mm and 107mm diameters. Our busters also come in a variety of lengths too.  Our Concrete Bursting Services is a process that requires holes to be drilled into the robust concrete structures and then the burster comes in to play as it is then inserted into the pre-drilled holes to then break the concrete.

Key benefits of our Concrete Bursting Services in Surrey…

At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd we make sure that our Concrete Bursting Services is a quiet set up. It is usually only applied when it’s in conjunction with our diamond drilling services. This type of demolition is known to be one of the quickest methods of weakening hard concrete. Furthermore our Concrete Bursting Services can destroy large masses at great depths. Also this process is known to create less dust and doesn’t cause any inconvenience to our customers in and around Surrey.

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