Do you require a Diamond Sawing Service in Reading? At Specialist Cutting Services we also cater for both domestic and commercial clients in Berkshire, Surrey, London and the Home Counties.

With various types of Diamond Sawing such as; Track sawing, Wire sawing, Floor sawing, Hand/Ring sawing, we are considered one of the UK’s top diamond sawing companies. This is seen for example when performing separation cuts within vertical walls and floor structures, as our diamond sawing service consists of processes and methods which are known to be one of the quickest ways in the industry. Over our 20 years, we have heavily invested in the machinery we use as this allows us to greatly improve the finish of the job, the time it takes to complete a job and finally ease of use, which allows us to get a more precise and accurate finish.

Why you should choose Specialist Cutting Services for Diamond Sawing in Reading?

At Specialist Cutting Services we offer an excellent service to customers in Reading. With the very latest cutting-edge technology and equipment, it guarantees that jobs and tasks are completed to the highest standard. Furthermore, this tied with our fully trained and skilled team ensure each job is completed on time and finished efficiently. Our equipment proves to be very effective and efficient and all our employees are trained before using any machinery. Furthermore, with a range of diamond sawing techniques, it allows customers and clients to choose the most appropriate option for their specific need. For example, our most popular option is track sawing as it can be used to saw into hard materials such as concrete walls and floors.

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If you require Diamond Sawing in Reading, you have come to the right place. At specialist cutting services we are always on the look to find the best solutions to a variety of problems using the latest tools and applications. Furthermore, we over many services that ensure the client saves both time and money. We are offering this service to customers in Reading. If you need more information about this service, please get in touch today on 0118 979 4333. Alternatively, you can request a free call back at