Specialist Cutting Services Limited offers Wire Sawing in London, Surrey, Berkshire, Reading, Kent and the Home Counties.

Specialist Cutting Services Ltd has been operating since 1997 and provide Wire Sawing in London. Since then the company’s headquarters have been located in Wokingham, Berkshire, from where the company offers Wire Sawing services for concrete and metal sawing procedures targeted at large and obscure concrete sections. This entails the cutting and extraction of structures and objects made from metal exclusively. Over the years, Specialist Cutting Services have heavily invested into equipment that stands at the cutting edge of Wire Sawing technology today. What distinguishes Specialist Cutting Services LTD in addition are the investment and care with which the company furthers its staff training and development, paying closest attention to the key knowledge required by operatives in the field today, while also equipping them with an understanding of procedural efficiency, work site comfort, and safety. This double investment in cutting edge technology and staff training makes Specialist Cutting Services Limited a market leader today in offering Wire Sawing services, which support the client’s expectation to work with tight deadlines while also remaining highly cost efficient.

Why choose Specialist Cutting Services Limited for Wire Sawing?

Wire Sawing is a highly effective diamond cutting procedure particularly applied on sites and used in situations where noise and accessibility are top priorities. This application is preferably used for the swift removal of heavily reinforced structures such as beams, bridges, and foundations. In addition, the wire saw equipment provided by Specialist Cutting Services Limited is operational in sub aquatic applications. The procedure consists of wrapping a diamond-beaded wire around the structure to be removed. Subsequently the wire is fed into a pulley system, powered by a main drive head. The approach allows for one set up cuts and removals, which keep time and operational costs low, thus allowing Specialist Cutting Services Limited to offer highly effective services at very competitive rates.

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If you have any further questions on our services please contact us on 0118 9794333 today. We cover areas around London, Surrey, Berkshire, Reading, Kent and the Home Counties. Furthermore, you can also Request a free call back or ask for a site survey through our website at www.scs-ltd.com.