Specialist Cutting Services Ltd provides customers with excellent Brokk Demolition in Reading, London, Surrey and Berkshire.

Are you currently looking for a company who can provide Brokk Demolition in Reading? Well at Specialist Cutting Services Ltd we operate a range of Brokk Demolition machines which come with breakers, crunchers and bucket attachments. This can be applied to all controlled demolition applications. Brokk Demolition work tends to be very quick and ever so efficient as it reduces concrete structures with minimal vibration, noise and practically lets out no fumes, which is purely to do with them being 3 phase powered. Our Brokk Demolition machine is a very mobile and can be traverse up and down the stairs. In addition it can fit through a single doorway. It proves to be very lightweight, yet it is still robust and powerful.

What does our Brokk Demolition in Reading entail?

Our Brokk Demolition machine is ideal for walls, large floor openings, trenches and even kiln work. It proves to be an all round tool for de-build, demo and alterations. This can be used in conjunction with other bursters for example, very large depths of materials such as RFC, brick or block work can be removed. Furthermore if our project is in a dust sensitive area our Brokk Demolition machine can dampen down the structure as water is used, which decreases the amount of dust produced.

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If you have any further enquires about our Brokk Demolition in Reading, then please call on 0118 979 4333 as our friendly staff will be more than happy to help answer any questions you might have. Alternatively you can always visit us online at www.scs-ltd.com, where you can request a free call back or site survey.