Specialist Cutting Services offer the best Fire Stopping Applications in Reading. We provide this service to both domestic and commercial customers all over the UK.

Here at Specialist Cutting Services, we offer our domestic and commercial clients our range of Fire Stopping Applications. Our employees are extremely specialised and are capable in all areas of Fire Stopping Applications. At Specialist Cutting Services, we make sure that our team are on the ball and always apply themselves to all jobs, no matter how big or small. We have been offering our domestic and commercial clients our range of Fire Stopping Applications since 1997, gaining many satisfy many customers in and around Reading, Berkshire, Surrey, London and the Home Counties. Through hard workmanship and having the need to provide excellent customer service, it is no wonder we have become one of the UK’s top companies when it comes to our Fire Stopping Applications. If you are looking for a company that provides Fire Stopping Applications, please contact us today.

Why choose Specialist Cutting Services for Fire Stopping Applications in Reading?

Specialist Cutting Services, hold a complete Fire Stopping Applications division. This department undertakes various structural and passive fire protection services, which means we are extremely skilled in intumescing painting and spaying of structural steelwork, Compound and Batt & Mastic installations on floors and walls. We provide full structural compound to apertures through floors that require the slab to not only have a fire rating but also able to take the weight of general foot traffic in areas where services need to be maintained such as risers cupboards. Furthermore, we provide full/part encasement boarding to steelwork using an array of products or simply cover strips to wind posts depending on the integrity required. In addition, we undertake internal sealing to Concrete Blockwork walls that require an air seal to be formed to help minimise/eliminate air escape, furthermore we also offer an air sealing service from simple mastic works to completing the air test to the finished building. With many years of experience, we have invested in the right tools for the job to ensure we can provide the best service for fire stopping applications in Reading.

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If you have any further enquiries about our Fire Stopping Applications in Reading, Berkshire, Surrey, London or the Home Counties please contact us on 0118 979 4333. Alternatively, you can request a call back or a free site survey online at www.scs-ltd.com.