Specialist cutting services ltd provide their clients with excellent Floor Sawing in Reading, Berkshire, Surrey and London

At Specialist Cutting Services we have been providing our clients with Floor Sawing in ReadingBerkshireSurrey and London for over 15 years. Our Floor Sawing operation usually consists of using a diesel or even a 3-phase electric saw that cuts in to flat surfaces such as concrete slabs, roads, road looping, runways and expansion jointing. This type of service may be needed to remove old materials to make room for new roads or buildings. Floor Sawing is a very easy and straight forward method of sawing huge depths in an accurate line and straight cut.

Why should you choose SCS for their Floor Sawing service in Reading?

Our professional employees use the floor saw which is a diesel or electric saw and drive it along the areas that need to be cut. Usually diamond blades are mounted on to either side of the machine as it can cut closer to the proximity of any object or structure. This type of blade for Floor Sawing can cut up to 520mm in depth.  At Specialist Cutting Services Ltd we have a variety of floor saws which are available as small detachable saws which is attached to the machine. Furthermore due to modern technology and machinery Floor Sawing can be used indoors as well as they don’t produce fumes. Due to our heavy investment in machinery it means that we can guarantee that we will have to right saw for the right job. Furthermore this also means that we can finish off our client services more effectively and efficiently as the process is very quick and can cut through any material without making noise too.

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If you require our Floor Sawing in Reading or need more information about other services we provide then please call us today on 0118 979 4333, where you can talk to a professional adviser. Alternatively you can visit us online at www.scs-ltd.com where you can Request a free call back or site survey.